The Marshall & Adcock Family Tree
This is the direct line family trees for both mine and Paul families. I have more information than is shown here, but have not published it for privacy reasons. I would like to thank both our families for their help in this project, without their help and that of fellow researchers:- Geoff Adcock, Bill Allen, Elizabeth Allen, David Blackwell, Nic Brazil, Nigel Brown, John Burgess, Nic Claypoole, Richard Cross, Avril Gowrley, Heather Griffin, Margaret Hartshorn, Bill Hemingway, Mark Henshaw, Rosemary King, Betty Kellogg, Pauline Kennedy, David Lewin, E. June Lines, Marian Lister, Katherine Matthews, Darren Monaghan, Dorothy Morgan, David Mayo, Iain MacIntosh, Valerie Molyneux, Richard Pilcher, Diana Philpot Joyce Ramsbotham, Sarah Seaton, Paul Sleath, Robin Smith, Betty Stewart, John Sulman, Adrian Thomson & Bob Venn to name but a few, it would not have been possible.
The data can be viewed on data cards or in tree form. If you think you can make a connection with anyone in my tree or spot any mistakes, please be sure to get in touch.