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Welcome to the web site for the Carol & Paul’s family tree, in these pages you will find pictures, and stories about our ancestors, pedigree charts and family tree data.
To keep things simple we have divided this website into Adcock pages, which are Carol’s side of the family and Marshall pages which are Paul’s side of the family.
Carol’s family names include Adcock, Piddington, Claypoole, Harris, Hill, Sleath, Ayer, Perkins, King, Allen, Young, Craig, Bennett, McTaggart, Benvie, Montgomery, Anderson and Calder and countless others.
Paul’s family names include Marshall, East, Priest, Rowles, Hill, Halsey, Ball, Holt, Ryan, Merkett, King, Powell, Robbins, Concannon and Tylee and many more.
If you are connected to this family, or have just enjoyed looking at our site please get in touch by signing our guest book, or emailing using the address above.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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