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Adcock Graves
This grave is for both Fanny Claypoole and her daughter Edith, and stands in Boston Cemetery, Lincs. Fanny Ayer was the wife of local jeweller and pawnbroker Frederick Claypoole whose shop was in Market Square, Boston. Family stories say that Fanny died from wasp or bee sting on the lip, her death certificate lists her cause of death as a facial carbuncle for 4 days. Fanny left Frederick with nine children when she died, seven from their marriage and two from Frederick’s previous marriage to Rebecca Perkins who died in 1869, the youngest Hugh was only a few months old when his mother died. Her daughter Edith died in 1886 and was buried with her mother. Shortly afterwards Frederick moved his family to Leeds.
This stone stands in Westminster Cemetery, Hanwell and was erected in 1894, Mary Elizabeth King was the wife of Albert Edward Piddington snr, who ran a florist and fruiterers shop in Hanwell Broadway, when she died Albert was left with three children, under 12 years old, he remarried in 1896 and later moved to Wales.
Her son Albert Edward Piddington died of lung cancer in 1932, and was buried with his mother, his wife was Kate Harris, who survived him by 47 years and never remarried. Her mother was Ellen Harriet Hill, and had been a widow for over 35 years, for the last 24 of them she had lived with her daughter Kate.