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Adcock War
This photo shows George Adcock and his wife Margaret and their five children. George was born in Loughborough in 1879, he worked as a commercial traveller for the printing firm J Corah & Sons. He signed up in December 1915 but was not mobilised until September 1916, he then served at home for five months until he was posted to France, where he served for two years as a lorry driver, with the Royal Army Service Corps. In November 1918 at the Lorry Park Camp in Rouen, while going on parade he fell down a deep trench next to the footpath and fractured his left big toe. He was discharged in February 1919 with a disability pension.
Here are a few of the brave men on Carol's side of the family who served  their country during World War I & World War II.
This photo shows Herbert Harris standing in the back row 3rd from the left. Herbert was born in Ealing. He enlisted in December 1915 and after briefly serving in the Labour Corps, he served in the 11th Bn. Royal Fusiliers and was discharged in July 1919.
This picture shows Alec Adcock, born in 1906 and he was a printer by trade, with his own printing company, which his wife, Win ran while he was in service. Alec was an ARP warden before being called up in 1942, he served in the RAF and was stationed at Skegness & Norwich, he was an instrument recovery engineer, which involved trying to get instruments working again from planes that had been shot down.
This picture shows Bill Young and wife Ann. Bill was born in Glasgow in 1919, his was a watch maker, and when he joined the RAF he became a navigator on Sunderland Boat Planes and was stationed in Iceland and at Biggin Hill. After the war he retrained and became an instrument repair panel checker at Renfrewshire Airport.
This photo shows Alan Piddington who served in the RAF during World War II please click on his picture to reveal his story.
Alan's Story