Adcock & Marshall
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Can You Help ?
We have a few pictures that we need your help with, do you know who these people are, if so please get in touch.
What a bunch of strapping young lads, they are either East or Marshall boys we would love to find out which. Can you help?
We are still looking for a photo of Merlebank, the house was on Hospital Hill, Chesham Paul’s great grandfather Gilbert Marshall lived there and we think the picture on the right is of the front door of Merlebank and as far as we know this is the only photo in existence of this house.
If you have a photo hidden away in your attic or garage of Merlebank then please email us.
Who is this elegant young lady, we think she may be one of Mary (Hasley) & Samuel Priest’s daughters but which one do you recognise her?
Again we think these girls are connect to Mary (Hasley) & Samuel Priest, it’s possible to photo was taken outside the Black Horse Public House. It this your granny?
This one’s a bit different we know who the people are but want to trace the house, the lady with the hat is Bertha (Hill) Marshall, with son Alan & wife Ethel (East).
Do you recognize this grand house?