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Carole was born in January 1941, her father Leo had been killed by bombing raid the previous year. From a very early age it was obvious that Carole was very supple, she started dance lessons at the age of four and a half and joined the Hayley Dancing School. Where she took place in dance competitions and shows.
Carole left school at 15 and knew that she wanted to be a circus star, she joined The Seven Volants acrobatic troupe, which was created by the famous tumbler Johnny Hutch, who later worked on The Benny Hill Show.
They travelled the country working in shows, pantomimes and with some of the worlds best known circuses such as Billy Smart’s and the Moscow State Circus.
Then in 1957 The Seven Volants got a job working for the world famous Boswells travelling circus, touring South Africa, so at the age of 16 Carole set off for the adventure of her life.
They sailed to Africa on The Winchester Castle, stopping at Maderia on their way to Cape Town. Once there it was all aboard the train which travelled round South Africa, putting on shows, they stopped at Warner Beach, Johannesburg, Table Mountain, Pretoria, Victoria Falls, Rainbow Falls, The Livingstone Statue, The Zambezi River and many other new and exciting places.
At each destination the train would be unloaded the tent erected then the clowns, the jugglers, the trapeze artists, the tumblers and the animals, would put on a show for the locals, then after the show the whole thing was packed back up on the train and they would move on to the next destination. Sometimes the cast would stay in hotels along the way but most of the time they slept and lived on the train. One day the train came of the rails so the elephants were called upon to do an extra job that day and get the train back on track.
After a year The Seven Volants returned to England on The Stirling Castle, and went back the life of pantomimes and summer season shows, working in Bradford, Wembley and in 1959 at the Sheffield Gala, they worked with a host of stars including Tommy Steele, Morecambe and Wise, Norman Wisdom, and Charlie Drake.
In 1961 Carole had to return home to Amersham to have her appendix removed, after the operation she returned to the troupe but found that the strain on her surgical scars was too much and she quit the circus life. In 1962 she married Tony Marshall and they sent up home above the M & M Coffee House & Restaurant in Woodside Road, Amersham, where she worked.